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Dental Crown

Close up 3D rendering of a dental crown being placed on a shaved down toothAs far as restorative solutions are concerned, crowns are heavily relied upon. They are able to easily strengthen any tooth no matter what type of damage was suffered. Whether the tooth was fractured, chipped, or simply suffered from widespread erosion, crowns could be the answer. It helps provide a simple procedural option to save the tooth from extraction, which is incredibly important. When a tooth is removed, the patient, unfortunately, has to face another set of issues. By adding a crown to the tooth, the lost section can be restored, and full functionality returned. Typically, crowns are made of either ceramic or porcelain. At Barnes Dental, we welcome any question that our patients have regarding crowns. Come see us today.

The Benefits of a Crown

Those patients dealing with the devastating effects of periodontal disease are looking for answers. After dealing with extensive tooth decay and disease in the oral cavity, they want to prolong the life of their teeth as long as possible. This is because, when patients lose teeth, the supportive tissue behind the cheeks and lips is also lost. This allows the lips and cheeks to sag inward. This drastically alters the way a patient looks. Crowns can be used to stave off any tooth extraction. They can also be used following a root canal to properly seal the interior of the tooth.

Are Porcelain Crowns the Best?

Porcelain crowns are the most frequently chosen crowns by dental professionals. This is because when placed, they feel like a natural tooth to the patient. There is no change in how they feel when chewing and can last for years. Crowns can be used to not just replace the chewing surface of the tooth but the entire visible portion of the tooth from the gumline to the biting surface.

Placement Procedure

It does require multiple appointments in order to replace a crown. This is done to ensure following each step the oral cavity is given a chance to fully heal. At the first appointment, the surgical site will be prepared. This is done by removing the diseased portion of the tooth. When this is done, some patients need additional procedures in order to ready their mouths to receive the crown. X-rays are taken to make sure the jawbone is healthy enough to support a crown. If there is noticeable bone mass loss, grafts will be necessary before the next step can be performed.


There are several different methods patients can employ to ensure their crowns last as long as possible. One way is simply by diligently flossing and brushing twice a day. It is important to avoid drinks with acids in them. The same goes for food too. These can not only damage the tooth but also the crown. When that happens, an additional procedure might be necessary to repair the damage.

If you have questions about crowns and how they are placed, please call Barnes Dental at (971) 441-5520.

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