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Dental Exam

Beautiful senior woman having dental treatment at dentist's office. Dentist is wearing protective face mask due to coronavirus pandemic.How many of us can remember our parents and our dentist telling us to brush and floss our teeth every night and every morning? Believe it or not, remaining diligent with brushing and flossing is important. Just as important are having professional cleanings and examinations. Having an examination performed is the best way to detect any potential damaging conditions in the mouth. Some of these concerning conditions could include sores, tissue growths, abscesses, or ulcers. In some situations, we may recommend the tissue be biopsied and sent to an external lab for more in-depth analysis.

It is well known some patients have concerns when considering a visit to the dentist for any reason. They imagine painful, invasive procedures. Those patients can rest assured that examinations are pain-free and are the only way to detect diseases or other conditions which might warrant procedures to correct.

Some of the conditions we try to identify at the earliest possible stage include tooth decay, oral cancer, periodontal disease, and cavities. When any of those conditions occur and are not treated in a timely fashion, the condition will worsen and likely spread to other healthy teeth. This means more invasive procedures at a much higher cost. The best treatment is the earliest possible treatment. You can come into our office, Barnes Dental for a 15 minute examination and determine what the best course of treatment is?

Importance of Dental Examinations

Those patients who have anxiety about coming to the dentist’s office can rest assured dental examinations are quick and pain-free. During the examination our staff will carefully remove bacteria, plaque, and tartar, scraping the surface of the teeth above and below the gum line.

Examination Details

Most people fail to realize one of the most important things done during an exam is updating the patient’s medical history. It provides detailed information about what work they have done and what might need to be done in the future. Without proper documentation, it is nearly impossible for someone to adequately treat a patient.

Once we have updated the medical history, we will examine not only the mouth, but the head, jaw, and neck. We look for any indication there is a limited range of motion, ulcers, discolorations or questionable tissue growths. We will also perform an oral cancer screening. X-rays are used to examine the jawbone structure to ensure it is healthy. It is important that the jawbone is healthy to support the gums and teeth properly. When the examination is completed, our staff will clean the tartar, bacteria, and plaque from all surfaces of the tooth, including those above and below the gum line. It is recommended to have two exams every year.

Any patients who have questions regarding the oral examinations we provide, please come to our office to find out more. Our mission is to help educate our patients on the proper care for their oral cavities. We are always willing to answer any and all questions. Reach us at Barnes Dental by phone at the following number (971) 441-5520.

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