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Dental Implant

3D rendering of a dental implant and its components (screw, abutment, and crown) being placed into the jawAnyone who has had to deal with the extensive decay and the subsequent tooth loss associated with it has a lot of things to consider. When periodontal disease sets in, it brings a whole host of other problems. Patients need to think about the best artificial tooth solution for them.

Dental implants are widely considered one of the best solutions available. They can easily restore the lost functionality of the missing teeth. One of the benefits of dental implants is they are secured permanently to the jawbone. They provide a natural appearance and feel when eating. They also provide a strong foundation for other dental appliances such as crowns, dentures, and bridges. Another benefit is once they are placed, dental implants can be flossed and brushed as if they were natural teeth. They can also be polished and cleaned like natural teeth during cleanings and examinations at our office.

Most people have likely heard about dental implants but are unaware of the details involved. For instance, there are no dietary restrictions with dental implants. This is not the case with dentures. Implants will also never slip out of place the way dentures do. Those patients wanting more information are welcome to come to see us at the office anytime. Come see us today at Barnes Dental.

Components of Dental Implants

While most people likely understand the concept of dental implants, they probably are unaware of what it takes to have them placed or that three separate pieces make up a single implant.

The three pieces are the implant, abutment, and crown. Each piece provides a separate function. The first component, known as the implant, is the portion that is drilled directly into the jawbone and secured in place. This provides the foundation for the abutment, which is threaded onto the implant. Once the abutment is in place, the crown can be placed. It is the visible portion of the implant and can be shaped or colored to match the color of the patient’s teeth so it blends in.

Placement Procedure

One of the drawbacks, most patients have a hard time dealing with, is implants take more than a single appointment to place. Patients typically have to come in for multiple appointments spread out over several months. There is a reason for this. After each section is placed, it is important to let it completely heal before placing the next piece. The overall length of time between each stage is largely dependent on how healthy the patient’s oral cavity is. After each component is placed, our staff will assess the healing process to make sure the patient’s mouth is ready for the next component. If it is rushed and performed before proper healing has occurred, the patient may need to have additional procedures to correct the problems.

Any patient who has questions about implants should come in for an evaluation at Barnes Dental. We can also be reached by calling the following phone number (971) 441-5520. Give us a call to get an appointment set up and answers to your questions.

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