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Dental Veneers

Close up 3D rendering of a thin porcelain veneer being applied to a toothA minimally invasive process, a veneer placement is a pain-free procedure which is incredibly affordable. Applying thin slivers of porcelain, veneers are secured to the face of the tooth. It improves the overall appearance of the teeth and significantly improves the patient’s smile. Veneers can be shaped, sized, and tinted to match the surrounding teeth in the oral cavity. The procedure can be applied across multiple teeth or just a single tooth. They are securely held in place by an adhesive compound.

Those patients who are concerned about their appearance, and worry about how their smile looks, can benefit from a veneer treatment. Patients who have questions and want to know more should come to our office at Barnes Dental.

Tooth Preparation

Teeth need to be prepared to receive the veneer and while it might sound a bit unnerving, it is pain-free. The outermost layer of enamel is carefully removed from the tooth to make space for the porcelain veneer. Patients should be assured the amount of enamel removed is thinner than a fingernail’s width. This is a necessary step. If this step is not done, and the veneers are placed, the teeth will feel overly thick and will change the feel and function of their bite.

A local anesthetic is used to keep the patient relaxed and comfortable throughout the procedure. Once the teeth are prepared, our staff will make molds. By doing this, we can show the patient how their teeth will appear once the veneers are placed. It is important if the patient does not like something about the appearance of the molds, to make it known at that point so we can make adjustments accordingly.

Veneer Placement and Recovery

The placement procedure requires two separate appointments to ensure the veneers will be properly placed. The first appointment entails preparing the oral cavity for the veneer process. Our staff will also tint the veneers to match the other teeth. Once that is completed, we will remove the layer of enamel.

It is important for patients to consider making changes before the veneers are placed. If they are unsatisfied with something in the appearance of the molds, they should make it known because once the veneers are placed there is very little that can be changed. It is also important to not eat foods that could harm the veneers for a few weeks following the procedure.

Those patients interested in knowing more about veneers should come to Barnes Dental for a consultation. We are also available by phone. Simply reach out to us at this number: (971) 441-5520. We are here for all of our patients. Give us a call today.

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