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Oral Cancer Screening

Elderly white couple smiling and brushing their teeth in the bathroom mirror.Oral cancer is something all patients should be concerned about. Having an oral cancer screening takes no time at all to complete and can help detect oral cancer in its earliest stages. When treatment is started early, in the progression of the disease, the outcome is far more positive. It takes less than fifteen minutes to complete and is entirely pain-free. The screening process involves our staff closely evaluating all areas of the patient’s mouth. The focus will be on those tissues which look problematic. Any tissue which appears anomalous will be biopsied and tested by an outside lab for cancerous cells. In order for treatment to start as early as possible, it needs to be discovered as early as possible. While oral cancer cannot be diagnosed simply by a visual inspection, it is the first step in the screening process.

Any patient with a family history of oral cancer, or who has noticed an odd area in their mouth, should come to Barnes Dental for an oral cancer screening.

Oral Cancer Risks

There are factors which can raise the likelihood of a particular patient contracting oral cancer. What are those factors? Well, some are rather obvious, but a few are quite surprising. Obviously, the use of tobacco products increases a patient’s risk dramatically. It does not matter how the tobacco is used. If the patient smokes pipes, cigars, or cigarettes, the risk is there. It is also there for those who use smokeless tobacco and even e-cigarettes. Factors that might not seem obvious include the abuse of alcohol and the amount of time spent outside in direct sunlight.

One positive aspect of finding tissue growths in the oral cavity is the vast majority prove to not be cancerous. The only way to be sure is to have a professional assessment completed.

Importance of Screening

The key to some of the most devastating diseases is to have the treatment protocol started at the earliest stage possible. The only way to do that is to have the disease diagnosed as soon as possible. Keep in mind, that any disease which starts in the oral cavity can easily enter the lymphatic system through the lymph nodes, which are located directly beneath the jaw line.

Screening Process

While oral cancer cannot be diagnosed by a visual inspection alone, the appearance of odd discolored patches in the mouth, lumpy growths, or experiencing distinct pain in the gums or along the jaw bone can all be indicators of oral cancer. Whenever we discover tissue that is suspicious, it needs to be biopsied to ensure it is not malignant. During the early stages of the disease, oral cancer symptoms are pain-free. In many situations, patients do not even realize they have cancer. However, as it progresses and the symptoms grow more painful, the treatment can become more complex to treat.

Those patients who want to have an oral cancer screening are welcome to come to Barnes Dental any time. Patients can also call our office by using the following number (971) 441-5520. Give us a call today.

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Oral Cancer Screening • SW Portland
Stay proactive about your oral health with oral cancer screenings in SW Portland. Early detection saves lives. Book your screening today!
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