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Root Canal

3D rendered cross-section view of a tooth and its rootsRoot canals are not the painful, intrusive procedures they once were. With advances in both technology and technique, along with patient care, they are nothing like the procedures of old. With the changing focus on patient comfort and the advancements in sedation dentistry, patients can rest easy. Root canals are now one of the most commonly performed procedures in the dental field. The procedure takes two appointments to complete. When finished, patients experience instant relief from their associated pain. It also restores full functionality.

Patients who have acute pain in a specific tooth, or area along the gumline, should come to our office, Barnes Dental, for an evaluation. We can easily determine if a root canal can help. Come see us today.

What Does a Root Canal Involve?

For a root canal to be a success, all dead tissue, plaque, and bacteria need to be cleaned from the site. Using dental instruments, our staff will carefully remove the dead tissue from the tooth. While it might be a bit uncomfortable, it is absolutely necessary. If any diseased sections remain, the infection will continue to further damage the tooth and move to the dentin and pulp at the center. In some cases, if the damage is too extensive, the tooth will have to be extracted.

Once the area is clean, a numbing agent will be applied to the tooth and gums so the patient will be pain-free and comfortable. Our staff will use a dental dam, to ensure the tooth is kept clean and dry, throughout the procedure. Dental drills are then employed to expose the diseased section of the tooth.

The next step is to remove the infection. This sometimes involves removing all of the pulp and dentin. Once removed, our staff will fill the open pocket, in the middle of the tooth, with resin. This will keep the infection from continuing to destroy the tooth.

Recovery Period

Some patients experience mild discomfort following a root canal, but it is important to rest the week following the surgery. Patients should make sure to stay away from raw vegetables and chewing ice. They need to watch the types of food they eat, to make sure they do not damage the surgical site. Patients should avoid chewing on pen caps or their fingernails too. Once it has fully healed, the tooth will return to its normal functionality. The pain associated with the damaged tooth will also stop.

Any patient who has acute pain from a single tooth and has been putting off having it looked at, should come in for an assessment. It will only take 15 minutes, at most. Come to our office, Barnes Dental, so we can assess the situation. We can also be reached by calling (971) 441-5520. Get the treatment needed by contacting us today. We can schedule an appointment and formulate a treatment plan once seen.

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